Rachel Kornfield Becker, LCSW


Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) working as a Therapist and Training Program Manager for the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute. She approaches therapy with an eclectic perspective that seeks to respond to the unique individual needs of each client.  She works both with Bowen Family Systems (zooming out to see the whole family system and gain perspective) and the internal world of thoughts and feelings.  Rachel believes in a semi-directive style where the client brings in the topic they want to talk about each session and both the client and Rachel interact actively with the topic.  Rachel loves walking with people through a journey of self-discovery that contributes to healing and positive relationships. She works especially in areas of grief, stress, relational conflict, anxiety and depression. Rachel’s favorite times are those eureka moments of transformative realizations or spiritual shifts.  She also feels enriched by her client’s ingenuity, resilience and creativity. 


Rachel studied Sociology and Christian Formation and Ministry at Wheaton College (2007) and Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh (MSW, 2014). Rachel has considered spiritual integration in her work a priority and continually explored, researched, read and deepened her use of spiritual integration with a diversity of clients. Rachel believes that every individual is on a journey of healing and spiritual discovery. She takes joy in joining her clients and seminar participants wherever they find themselves in that process.


When she is not working, she enjoys gardening in her greenhouse, quiet contemplation, meditation and journaling.  She also likes going to the beach and play with the kids. Rachel’s background and beliefs are primarily Christian, and she is happy to address things from a specifically Christian point of view if that is desired.  Rachel works with each client to find a way of addressing spirituality that welcomes the whole self of the client.