The union of faith and understanding heals and changes lives.

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55 Days of Giving #GIVE55

Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute has been helping to heal & educate for 55 years!  To commemorate this, we are calling on you to help us raise over $55,000 during the 55 Days of Giving #give55 campaign from the anniversary date September 13th to November 6th, 2019 in any amount.

The need for accessible, affordable, and holistic care is undeniable. Donations help to support the maintenance and growth of services and programs sought by our community.  Our neighbors, friends, colleagues, families, and congregations are reaching out today more than ever to find support, to find well-being, and to heal.  In a world surrounded by rising costs, there are areas where we sometimes struggle. One of our greatest areas of need is to help reduce and/or eliminate client debt.  Individuals and families seeking services face increasingly higher co-pays and deductibles even with health insurance. Your support will help to ease the burden placed on both our clients and the organization. 

The therapists at the Institute have been helping to heal our families, friends and neighbors in and around Pittsburgh for decades and the mission remains the same since 1964. Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute exists to enhance the health of individuals, families, and communities through an interfaith ministry of counseling and education that integrates the resources of faith and the behavioral sciences.

Your support will make a difference. 

Every Donation Helps

$5.50 can help bring comfort by…

comforting cup of coffee

  • offering tissues to clear one’s face in session.
  • educating with books for our clients, staff, and guests.
  • warming a client during session with a throw blanket when it’s cold.
  • providing complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate or a cool beverage.

$55.00 can help ensure essential needs by…


  • relieving a client unable to pay for a session.
  • offering diverse and inclusive translator services.
  • assuring timely interpreter services for our clients.
  • maintaining full and safe access to our handicap entrance.

$150.00 or more can…


  • unburden a client unable to meet high co-pays.
  • sponsor self-care opportunities to clinicians through fellowship and peer support.
  • enhance needed technology to protect client health information.
  • support clinical internships aimed at future behavioral health leaders. 
  • expand the outreach of our programs. 

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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card