When the Well Runs Dry: Compassion Fatigue and the Work of Caregiving

June 18, 25, and July 2, 2020, 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m 

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Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute is an interfaith counseling and psychotherapy center that integrates the behavioral sciences and resources of a client's faith. Counseling services include individual, couples, family, and group counseling. While every experience is unique, our overall approach seeks to provide an empathetic relationship in which clients can safely and freely discuss their problems and concerns.  The main goal is for client and therapist to work together to resolve them as far as possible, along with promoting personal growth, self-awareness, and meaningful relationships with the important people in the client's life. This is a "client-centered" process in which the client determines the particular areas of discussion and exploration on a given session. It also is a "faith-friendly" process in which spiritual and religious concerns can be discussed, if a client chooses to do so.

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The Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute began with a mission to train clergy in the ministry of pastoral counseling. In the last 55 years, a great deal has changed both in ministry and mental health in Pittsburgh treatment, yet our commitment to training remains strong. We offer continuing education in Pittsburgh for professionals, work with graduate students and with clergy to bring spiritually integrated behavioral health knowledge, and partner with neighborhood organizations. Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute also provides unique services to faith leaders in the form of support groups, educational workshops held at churches, psychological testing for ordination candidates, consulting, and Clinical Pastoral Education.

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Meet Our Therapists

Meet Our Therapists

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Meet Our Therapists

Meet Our Therapists

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